Operem launches Secure Disclosure™, the first blockchain solution for easy capture, protection, and sharing of your valuable ideas

December 12, 2018

SEATTLE, Dec. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Operem, a technology company providing solutions for creators, inventors, and the intellectual property management community announced today the launch of the beta version of its first product, Secure Disclosure.

Secure Disclosure Beta Product Launch

Secure Disclosure was designed for researchers, scientists, technologists, artists, engineers, academics, and inventors. At Operem, we call them 'creators.' And creators have ideas.

Secure Disclosure is an easy way to capture text, PDFs, audio/video files, and photos – anything that describes your idea. These files are encrypted and vaulted on blockchain - generating a timestamp and digital signature. Secure Disclosure also supports sharing ideas with confidence as all activity is securely captured, proving chain of custody and creating an immutable record of everyone you shared your idea with and when.

Operem CEO, Tim Londergan, said: "We are very excited to have reached this major milestone in Operem's development. Today's beta launch of Secure Disclosure marks the beginning of a new era in securely recording and sharing intellectual property, and will give individual inventors, small and medium businesses and major multinational corporations an easier and faster way to get from concept to real value."

The Operem PlatformTM

Secure Disclosure is the first in a series of tools that will reimagine intellectual property (IP). Existing IP practices are archaic with difficult to navigate processes and little to no transparency. The Operem Platform will support creators and IP managers with tools and guidance to protect, nurture, and introduce ideas to the world. And by leveraging artificial intelligence, cryptographic signatures, immutable blockchain storage, smart contracts and secure collaboration technology, Operem can dramatically shorten the time from concept to value generation and provide transparency and guidance along the way.

About OperemOperem was founded in early 2018 by leaders from the financial, intellectual property, licensing and software worlds, who recognized that the global intellectual property market hasn't changed much since the time Einstein worked in a patent office. Operem will make it fast and easy to protect ideas, securely and confidently share them with collaborators, and create economic value through a streamlined licensing process. The company is building tools that support individuals, small companies, universities, and large multinational corporations – anyone with an idea and desire to introduce it to the world. Operem has offices in Seattle, Tokyo and Singapore.

A Word About BlockchainBlockchain technology is already bringing a revolution to the world of data acquisition and management. Distributed ledger technology allows both sides of any transaction – the buyer and the seller – to know if any data has been compromised, shared without permission, or altered in any way. The accessibility of blockchain distributed ledger technology also allows small and medium sized companies and start-ups to compete on a level playing field with the world's largest technology companies when it comes to providing trustworthy data.