First Block Capital

is a firm dedicated to investing in, growing and listing global private technology companies. FBC provides advisory services to help meet growing companies' financial needs. Our investment interests range across artificial intelligence, blockchain and other emerging technologies. Our business scope is global, with a focus on China, Europe and North America.

First Block Capital started out as Canada’s first registered crypto investment firm. The company has since diversified its mandate to include broader emerging technologies as well as providing advisory services.

First Block Capital’s diverse team consists of people with a variety of professional backgrounds including technology, finance and compliance. In addition, FBC leverages the expertise of external partners to help identify new opportunities for investment and growth.

First Block Capital facilitates investor access to a variety of emerging technology investment strategies. Our services include financial advisory, deep domain expertise and access to liquidity through Canadian capital markets.

A Message From Our CEO

“First Block Capital was formed to be the bridge between institutional and retail money and global emerging technologies. FBC was the first regulated crypto investment firm in Canada and we have since expanded our mandate to include broader disruptive technologies.”
Sean Clark, August 2019

Our Services

First Block Capital facilitates investor access to a variety of investment strategies based around emerging technologies. Our focus is on building solid teams, financing companies, and executing on exit strategies through the Canadian capital markets.

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