NEO Exchange Welcomes First Block Capital’s inaugural Canadian ETF listing

October 10, 2018

Toronto – October 10, 2018 – The NEO Exchange (“NEO”) is pleased to announce that First Block Capital (“FBC”) has launched the FBC Distributed Ledger Technology Adopters ETF on NEO. This is the first Canadian ETF launched by FBC and the eleventh ETF provider to list products on NEO. This innovative [new] ETF, which began trading today under the symbol FBCN, invests in equity securities of companies located anywhere in the world that develop, invest in, use and/or supply distributed ledger technology, such as blockchain technology, in their business or operations.

“We are proud to launch our first Canadian ETF, which will provide investors access to our exclusive expertise in the blockchain sector and exposure to opportunities related not only to digital innovators, but also the blue-chip companies that leverage their technology,” said Sean Clark, Co-Founder and CEO of First Block Capital. “We could not have asked for a better listing partner than NEO, who both shares our passion for innovation, and has demonstrated outstanding depth of knowledge, providing responsive, quality service to support the launch of our first ETF in Canada. We look forward to the continued growth of our relationship.”

FBC began its relationship with the NEO group of companies earlier this month, when the FBC Bitcoin Trust became available on NEO Connect, Canada’s first and only truly operating fund distribution platform that allows investors to purchase and redeem prospectused and OM mutual funds with the same efficiency as ETFs.

“Today, we welcome First Block Capital, a champion of innovation, again – this time to list their first ETF on our senior exchange,” said Jos Schmitt, President and CEO, NEO. “Like First Block, we are dedicated to uncovering new and unique ways to deliver value to our respective clients, and doing so in a bold and transparent manner. Their decision to choose NEO for their first ETF listing is a testament to how NEO has become an acknowledged listing venue in Canada, and our ability to provide our clients with an exceptional experience. As we continue to grow, our exchange is becoming the beacon of innovation in the Canadian capital markets.”

The NEO Exchange consistently handles approximately 25 per cent of all Canadian ETF trading volume, and is now home to more than 65 fund listings from ten Canadian providers. Click here for a complete view of all NEO-listed securities.

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