Blockchain groups link up in new association

February 5, 2019

A couple of trade groups are teaming up to create a new lobby group to represent the fledgling blockchain industry in Canada.

The Chamber of Digital Commerce and the Blockchain Association of Canada (BAC) are joining forces in a new trade association that will be known as the Chamber of Digital Commerce Canada, which aims to “promote the acceptance and use of digital assets and blockchain-based technologies.”

“Bringing our two organizations under the same banner sends a powerful message to our respective members, blockchain ecosystem participants, and policymakers,” said Perianne Boring, founder and president of the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

The Ottawa-based group will be headed by Tanya Woods as managing director. She was previously executive director of the BAC. “Tanya brings more than a decade of strategic advocacy experience and is a trusted advisor to the blockchain community and the Canadian government at the highest levels. She is a strong advocate for the Canadian blockchain community,” Boring said.

“Canada is a leader when it comes to driving innovation, entrepreneurship and the digital economy,” said Woods. “Canada’s blockchain leaders and government would like to see a strong and coordinated blockchain ecosystem that is ready and able to effectively collaborate with policymakers to ensure the industry in Canada will thrive.”


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