Fund follows IBM, Walmart's lead on blockchain

October 19, 2018

First Block Capital said its new blockchain-led ETF focuses on quality large cap holdings as it aims for a stake in technology it believes will change the face of global commerce. The FBC Distributed Ledger Technology Adopters ETF (FBCN) was this week listed on the NEO Exchange and invests in equity securities of companies located around the globe that develop, invest in, use and/or supply distributed ledger technology in their business or operations.

First Block Capital helping investors navigate the world of Blockchain [video]

October 17, 2018

StoneCastle Investment Management portfolio manager Bruce Campbell joined Proactive Investors Steve Darling in Vancouver to talk about a new fund with First Block Capital that will feature companies that are leading the adoption of blockchain to manage costs and make operations more efficient. Campbell also gave details of what types of companies fit in the portfolio including some major names like Walmart.

NEO Exchange Welcomes First Block Capital’s inaugural Canadian ETF listing

October 10, 2018

The NEO Exchange (“NEO”) is pleased to announce that First Block Capital (“FBC”) has launched the FBC Distributed Ledger Technology Adopters ETF on NEO. This is the first Canadian ETF launched by FBC and the eleventh ETF provider to list products on NEO. This innovative [new] ETF, which began trading today under the symbol FBCN, invests in equity securities of companies located anywhere in the world that develop, invest in, use and/or supply distributed ledger technology, such as blockchain technology, in their business or operations.

A Canadian blockchain ETF for the cryptocurrency-averse

August 22, 2018

For the cryptocurrency-averse, there’s a Canadian blockchain exchange-traded fund in the works that will be anchored by less venturesome investments such as Wal-Mart Inc.Vancouver-based First Block Capital is in the final stages of obtaining regulatory approval for the FBC Digital Ledger Technology Adopters ETF, and expects it to begin trading on Canada’s Aequitas NEO Exchange next month.

New Kids on the Block: Vancouver Joins the Cryptocurrency Rush

May 25, 2018

Sean Clark’s latest startup is just one of the players in the city’s emerging cryptocurrency scene.

Interview With CryptoCurrency Distinguished Thought Leader — Marc van der Chijs

May 25, 2018

I had the pleasure of interviewing Marc van der Chijs, a founder of several companies in the blockchain and crypto-industry.

DOJ Launches Criminal Probe into Bitcoin Price Manipulation

May 24, 2018

The bitcoin crackdown is getting serious. The Justice Department has launched a criminal probe into traders that have been manipulating the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, causing wild fluctuations in price without any reason, according to reports.

The Secret Bitcoin Bunkers That Hoard $10bn For The Wealthy

May 14, 2018

Xapo, a company created by an Argentine entrepreneur, stores the cryptocurrency in a network of underground vaults

Cryptocurrencies: For The Turnstiles?

March 17, 2018

Cryptocurrencies have experienced a torrid start to 2018.

Vancouver Firm Banking on Big-Time Bitcoin Bonanza

February 8, 2018

Hut 8 raises $38 million to launch cryptocurrency mining operations in Alberta. A journey through Drumheller, Alberta, a community known for its dinosaur museum, has the potential to unearth fossils from the Prairie province’s badlands.

The SEC Is Saying ‘No’ To Bitcoin ETFs, But This One May Still Get Approved

January 16, 2018

Up until about a week ago, a Bitcoin ETF in 2018 was looking more and more likely. In December, Bitcoin futures began trading on both the CBOE and CME, seemingly clearing the way for a possible Bitcoin ETF approval.

Bitfury and First Block Capital Make Strategic Investment In Emercoin

January 12, 2018

Bitfury, maker of hardware and software for Blockchain mining and management, has announced a strategic investment in Emercoin. The investment is in tandem with First Block Capital, the Canadian crypto investment firm.

Emercoin (EMC) – Bitfury and First Block Capital are United in Strategic Investment – Here’s Why

January 11, 2018

The Bitfury group, the leading, fully integrated Bitcoin Blockchain security and infrastructure provider and First Block Capital, Canada’s first registered Crypto investment firm, make a strategic investment in EMC.

Canada’s Groundbreaking Bitcoin Fund: Interview

January 11, 2018

Sean Clark, First Block Capital’s founder and CEO, spoke with Digital Journal about a new and groundbreaking bitcoin fund, and what it means for investors in Canada.

Bitfury and First Block Capital Invest in Emercoin, Bringing New Security and Flexibility to Blockchain Projects

January 11, 2018

The Bitfury Group and First Block Capital today announced they have invested in Emercoin and will support the ground-breaking provider of blockchain solutions and services for customers around the world.

Bitcoin's Huge Gains Bring a Windfall to Accredited Investor Funds

December 20, 2017

The currency's enjoyed an amazing run that’s captured the attention of central banks, commercial banks and speculators/investors, but until one’s investment is sold, the gain isn’t crystallized

Bitcoin will reach $150,000 in 2021, Predicts a Millionaire Dutch Crypto Entrepreneur

December 8, 2017

He expects that bitcoin’s price will reach $150,000 by 2021 — and he says it’s not too late to invest.

Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts Ignore Bubble Fears

December 7, 2017

The meteoric rise in the price of bitcoin – which surpassed $16,000 (U.S.) on Thursday – has buoyed the hopes of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, even as concerns about a bubble continue to mount.

Another Fork in The Chain; Bitcoin Turns 9

October 31, 2017

News last week of the latest bitcoin fork, bitcoin gold, understandably generated considerable interest in cryptocurrency markets.

B.C. Securities Commission grants landmark bitcoin investment fund manager registration

September 6, 2017

The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) today announced the first registration of an investment fund manager in Canada solely dedicated to cryptocurrency investments. The BCSC has granted First Block Capital Inc. registration as an investment fund manager and an exempt market dealer in order to operate a bitcoin investment fund.

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