Fund follows IBM, Walmart's lead on blockchain

October 19, 2018

First Block Capital said its new blockchain-led ETF focuses on quality large cap holdings as it aims for a stake in technology it believes will change the face of global commerce. The FBC Distributed Ledger Technology Adopters ETF (FBCN) was this week listed on the NEO Exchange and invests in equity securities of companies located around the globe that develop, invest in, use and/or supply distributed ledger technology in their business or operations.

First Block Capital helping investors navigate the world of Blockchain

October 17, 2018

StoneCastle Investment Management portfolio manager Bruce Campbell joined Proactive Investors Steve Darling in Vancouver to talk about a new fund with First Block Capital that will feature companies that are leading the adoption of blockchain to manage costs and make operations more efficient. Campbell also gave details of what types of companies fit in the portfolio including some major names like Walmart.

NEO Exchange Welcomes First Block Capital’s inaugural Canadian ETF listing

October 10, 2018

The NEO Exchange (“NEO”) is pleased to announce that First Block Capital (“FBC”) has launched the FBC Distributed Ledger Technology Adopters ETF on NEO. This is the first Canadian ETF launched by FBC and the eleventh ETF provider to list products on NEO. This innovative [new] ETF, which began trading today under the symbol FBCN, invests in equity securities of companies located anywhere in the world that develop, invest in, use and/or supply distributed ledger technology, such as blockchain technology, in their business or operations.

A Canadian blockchain ETF for the cryptocurrency-averse

August 22, 2018

For the cryptocurrency-averse, there’s a Canadian blockchain exchange-traded fund in the works that will be anchored by less venturesome investments such as Wal-Mart Inc.Vancouver-based First Block Capital is in the final stages of obtaining regulatory approval for the FBC Digital Ledger Technology Adopters ETF, and expects it to begin trading on Canada’s Aequitas NEO Exchange next month.

The SEC Is Saying ‘No’ To Bitcoin ETFs, But This One May Still Get Approved

January 16, 2018

Up until about a week ago, a Bitcoin ETF in 2018 was looking more and more likely. In December, Bitcoin futures began trading on both the CBOE and CME, seemingly clearing the way for a possible Bitcoin ETF approval.

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